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Duration : 2 weeks Sat- Sun
Price : On - Demand

What is RPA

  • Overview of RPA tools

Introduction to Blue Prism

  • Blue Prism Architecture Overview

Exploring Blue Prism Tool

  • Understanding Blue Prism Processes

  • Exploring Process Studio

  • Understanding Blue Prism Objects

  • Exploring Object Studio

  • Key Difference between Process & Object

  • Exploring Exception Handling

Introduction to different Spying Mode

  • Win 32

  • Accessibility

  • Region Mode (Surface Automation), HTML Mode

Case Study (End-to-End Automation of a process – Windows and Web application)

  • Creating and Managing Business Objects in Object Studio

  • Creating and Managing Blue Prism Processes in Process Studio

Using Control Room

  • Work Queues Management

  • Session Management

  • Scheduler

Deploying Blue Prism processes

  • Configuring Blue Prism process

  • Deploying Blue Prism processes in control room

Blue Prism administrative task

  • Audit and Process Logs

  • Reporting & Dashboard

  • Packaging and release management

  • Login Agent setup

Blue Prism Lifecycle and their Artefacts

  • Initial Process Analysis (IPA)

  • Define - Process Definition Document (PDD)

  • Design - Solution Design Document (SDD)

  • Operations Handbook (OH)

  • Solution Implementation Plan (SIP)

Upcoming Events

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    13-Mar-2019, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
    Pune, Pune, Maharashtra, India