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RPA Introduction

Blue Prism is a set of tools and libraries for RPA which mimics the employee action which are repetitive and predictable in nature as the "Virtual Worker" (Often called as BOT or Robot) can execute  similar task on the trot and each time give the same level of results. It has two basic components- business objects, which interact with the user interface and the logic that runs the robot (BOT), called process.


Duration : 6 weekend Sat- Sun (4hr each)
We also conduct weekday batches
Price : On - Demand

What is RPA

  • Overview of RPA tools

Introduction to Blue Prism

  • Blue Prism Architecture Overview

Exploring Blue Prism Tool

  • Understanding Blue Prism Processes

  • Exploring Process Studio

  • Understanding Blue Prism Objects

  • Exploring Object Studio

  • Key Difference between Process & Object

  • Exploring Exception Handling

Introduction to different Spying Mode

  • Win 32

  • Accessibility

  • Region Mode (Surface Automation), HTML Mode

Case Study (End-to-End Automation of a process – Windows and Web application)

  • Creating and Managing Business Objects in Object Studio

  • Creating and Managing Blue Prism Processes in Process Studio

Using Control Room

  • Work Queues Management

  • Session Management

  • Scheduler

Deploying Blue Prism processes

  • Configuring Blue Prism process

  • Deploying Blue Prism processes in control room

Blue Prism administrative task

  • Audit and Process Logs

  • Reporting & Dashboard

  • Packaging and release management

  • Login Agent setup

Blue Prism Lifecycle and their Artefacts

  • Initial Process Analysis (IPA)

  • Define - Process Definition Document (PDD)

  • Design - Solution Design Document (SDD)

  • Operations Handbook (OH)

  • Solution Implementation Plan (SIP)


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  • Devops For Manager (1)
    13-Mar-2019, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
    Pune, Pune, Maharashtra, India